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About Us

i25 RMCS is a Section 25 company set up in March 2008 to promote financial inclusion & the delivery of financial and other services. i25 RMCS provides financial services in the rural areas under the Business Correspondent model.It is engaged in creating last mile financial operations network in villages through banks and conducts transactions on behalf of banks & financial Institutions.

The organization was formed by senior managers of Integra Micro Systems, Prof. D.K. Subramanian and grassroots NGO, ADATS, pledging their commitment to digital inclusion through i25 RMCS.

Currently, i25 RMCS works with large banks (over 14 Public-sector banks, 4 Private-sector banks and 11 Regional Rural Banks (RRB’s)) and covers 14,000 villages across India. The Company intends to cover 30,000 villages in the next 2 years.

i25 RMCS serves various banks in 24 states across the country. It is currently working with Integra exclusively and servicing the banks where Integra’s technology is deployed with field strength of more than 225 staff working in villages across the country & 30 plus senior staff supporting the functionalities, form the head office and zonal offices.

Business correspondents/field agents are independent local entrepreneurs (not employees of i25 RMCS), carry out the operations as associates of i25 RMCS.

i25 RMCS operations include:

  • Financial inclusion and disbursement (NREGA, SSP, etc.) transactions through field agents.
  • Cash management and settlement (Bank/Enterprise).
  • Business correspondent (Management hiring/contracting, firing/labor, appraisals/commission, training etc.,)
  • Asset handling/maintenance (technical) of micro-ATMs/cards, enrolment systems, kiosks, offices, etc.
  • (Support for) Camp based enrolment and financial inclusion enrolment by field agents and promotion of products & services (engagement and launch).

Majority of Business correspondent’s workforces at i25 RMCS are women. i25 RMCS attempts to achieve financial literacy and financial security by using innovative technology & human resources, thereby promoting entrepreneurship.